Counseling services offered include: extensive career guidance & coaching; school selection; program, major, and concentration counseling; essay guidance, brainstorming and editing; document compilation; recommendation counseling; interview preparation; communication with schools; wait-list management; financial aid & scholarship guidance & counseling; final school selection and pre-departure counseling.

Each student is unique; all of our services are customized based on your specific needs. Our services are global; your choice of geographic location, school type, and academic program is unlimited.

Undergraduate Degrees Freshman

Graduate Degrees
M.A. & M.S.

Specialized Degrees & Services
Art, Music, Photography, and Performance – including Portfolio preparation
Athletics – including Recruiting (U.S.- NCAA regulations), and Marketing
Cooking, Military, and innumerable other specializations
Community Colleges
Certificate Programs
Language Schools
Summer Schools
High Schools – Boarding Schools

Career Check-Up