Our core philosophy is that every student should have the opportunity to pursue higher education on a global scale. Our fundamental belief is that there exists a school and optimal educational program for every individual. Regardless of your target – be it an Ivy League university, top MBA program, a niche liberal arts college, or a large state university with a strong sports program – you deserve expert personal guidance. Today, more Turkish students are aiming to go abroad than ever before; eduWise helps navigate through the complex and hyper-competitive foreign college admissions process.

eduWise is a full-service University counseling and test preparation center. We work primarily with high school and university students, as well as young professionals, who desire further education abroad. Whether you’re interested in a BA, MBA, PhD, language course, or certificate program, we work with you through every step of the process, right up until the time you leave to start at your new school.

After many years in 4. Levent and Gayrettepe, we have recently relocated to our new center in Yenikoy. Our services are personal, professional, and of the highest standards. We work for you – the prospective student – and leverage our expertise to help you realize your dreams.